Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How to make an Applique

I have put together a very short & easy step by step "how to" guide, I hope u find it helpful. It is the same if u use this for projects like a quilt or T-shirt too, I was just wanted someting that I could show & thought paper would be the best way to do that.

We are going to make an iron-on Applique for this scrapbook page.

1st thing we need is Heat 'n' bond. I like to lay my fabric on the heat 'n' bond, so I know I have enough, for this project I just need a little, so I'm using a scrap.

This is my fabric b4 the heat 'n' bond is ironed on.

This is after, I cut my fabric down to size, I don't want any getting in the way!

Now it's loaded into my Cricut, I have selected the size I want, (2 3/4") & I'm using the Plantin School book for my letters. My pressure & blade lenth are both set to 4 & my speed is 2. My mat is super sticky, I have a brand new mat that I use only for fabric. This really helps with it not lifting up.

I cut the word MOM, this is it on my mat after I removed the letters

& here's the word on the table.

For this project I can use both the letters cut & the out line.

This is the otherside of the page, the letters have been ironed on & we're ready to finish with what ever we want to add to it.

If this was helpful please leave me a comment, so I know I helped someone out today! Thanx for stopping by, Have a good "crafty" day.