Thursday, May 21, 2009

Glass Etching

What u need: 1 bottle Armor etch, Cricut sticky back vinyl, paint brush & glass dish!
Messure the pan to see how wide or long it is, (I like to use Design Studio when doing this, then I know for sure it will be the right size) BUT if u don't have DS then u can cut as normal.
Set u're blade length to 3 & the pressure to 2. Place vinyl on ur mat as u would paper & cut like normal. This next part is the tricky bit! U have to peel the outside of the vinyl off the backing paper. I leave the middle of the letters until last. (like on the A & D, I will add those once the vinyl "sq" is on my glass)

Place the outside of the vinyl sticky side up on the table, I found placing the dish on the vinyl easier than placing the vinyl on the dish. Make sure everything is flat b4 u place the dish down.

Next U want to smooth out ALL air bubbles, especally the ones made by the letters, u don't want any cream to get into the bubbles.
Now we're ready to add the cream, make sure u put it on thick. I like to hold up the glass dish after & look under to make sure everything that needs to be covered is. Make sure u don't get any cream on the glass other than what u want etched. If u do by mistake get cream over the edge wipe it off right away.

Leave the cream on for 15 minutes, then using the paint brush again wipe off the cream, U can reuse it, so I just put it back in the pot. Again be careful not to get cream where u don't want it.

It's time now to take it to a tap & wash off any cream u have left. I just use my figers to gently rub the glass, sometimes cream gets stuck at the bottom of the letters.
The water also helps the vinyl come off easier. I peel mine off once I've got all the cream off & the water is still running.

The finished product!!!