Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to: Emboss a glue dot

So today we're going to Emboss glue dots. It's really simple they only real thing you need to remember is that glues DOES MELT!!
So once you have the amount of glue dots out that you want to emboss, you get the embossing tray, (u don't have to use a tray but it sure makes it easier) Pick the color of embossing powder you want to use.

Pour a little powder into the tray (or onto the paper if thats what u are using)

Keep the glue dot on the wax paper, you only want to emboss the TOP. Press the glue dot into the powder to make sure that the sides are all the way covered.

This is what the dots look like once they are covered in powder. Now for the tricky part. We are going to melt the powder, you need to really watch the dots, you only want to melt the POWDER, you will know they are done once theybecome shinny & smooth to the touch.

Here they are embossed. Let them cool before you remove them from the wax paper. The top is no longer sticky but the bottom still is.

Here's a card I made with my dots after they are embossed.
Thanx for stopping by, hope you learnt something today.


  1. Wow, Mandy, what a great idea! Now I have to try this ASAP. Thanks

  2. Great idea. I do have one question, though. Can I use a hairdryer for heating the embossing powder?? Have never used embossing powder before, but love this idea. You can reply at Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I really love it!!!!

  3. What a neat idea!! Thanks for sharing. =)

  4. Followed your link from the Cricut MB---so glad I did. Very creative!!!

  5. I really like this! I will have to try it once I get a heat gun!