Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paper pockets

So I saw this on Scrapbook memories & thought it would be a fun thing to make. I've been making manget paper dolls for my daughter & she needs somewhere safe to keep them.
So lets get started: all u need is a 12x12 sheet of paper or cardstock, 1 cutting blade, 1 scoring blade & some really good glue, (I used my glue runner) u could also use double sided tape.
The 1st thing is to cut the paper in half, (so then it will messure 12x6) I used double sided paper, but whatever u would like is fine.

Next we're going to score a line, I done my at 3 1/2" I've also done a 4" one (it's the last photo) It really depends how deep u'd like ur pocket to be. Just don't go too small.
With the score line made, we're going to fold it up, so that will become the pocket, once the score line is all the folded, open again & glue ONLY THE SIDES, then refold & make sure it's stuck really well.
This is what the back looks like now. Just add some more glue to all the edges, as we're going to stick it to a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock.

There u have it, it's really that simple & super cute.
Here's another one I made, this is the one that has 4" pockets.

Thanx for stopping by, come back soon!! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today we're going to do the Waterfull fold, it's super easy & very impressive.
I Scrap on 8 1/2" x11" paper, but u can use 12"x12" if u want. Also u can do up to 6 sq's I only used 4 for this lesson.

K so to start we're going to cut 1 strip (red) of 2 1/2" x 11" paper or 2 1/2"x12" if thats what u want to use, 1 1"x8 1/2"(yellow) or 1"x12". Then we're going to cut 4 sq's @ 2 3/4". U want ur sq's. just a 1/4" bigger than the strip.

Next we're going take our red strip & score it. To do this put in ur score blade & start 2" from the bottom, then we're going to score every 1/2" until we have 5 score lines (as we're doing 4 sq's) Fold along the score line in the same direction (as shown) The more u bend the lines the better it'll move later on.

Now we're ready to glue the 1st sq. on. I like to put the glue on the strip, just be careful not to get glue on the score line. The space that is 2" is now the bottom & thats where we'll glue the 1st sq.
With the 1st sq. added we can add all the others. I like to stamp, glue on pix & embellish before I glue them onto the strip.

So now we've got the hard part done, I hope it's making sense, sometimes I have a hard time explaing things LOL (don't ask y I put together a "how to" blog lol)

This might be the trickiest bit of all & the hardest to explain. Now we're going to take our yellow strip & place it inbetween the bottom sq. & the red strip.

Once u have the waterfull where u want it on the page, u can go ahead & glue it down to the page. Just be super careful not to get any glue on the red, if u do, the pull won't work.

U can add a little "pull tab if u like so people know there's more to come. Don't worry if it's a little stiff @ 1st, it will ease up with time & playing.

Embellish the rest of the page as desired, sometimes I like to add a staple or 2 (or 3) to the yellow strip just for an extra hold. Also be careful with the other embellie's won't get in the way of the flow on the fold.

Thanx for stopping by, hope this makes sense, it was a little harder to explain than I thought it would be!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to: Emboss a glue dot

So today we're going to Emboss glue dots. It's really simple they only real thing you need to remember is that glues DOES MELT!!
So once you have the amount of glue dots out that you want to emboss, you get the embossing tray, (u don't have to use a tray but it sure makes it easier) Pick the color of embossing powder you want to use.

Pour a little powder into the tray (or onto the paper if thats what u are using)

Keep the glue dot on the wax paper, you only want to emboss the TOP. Press the glue dot into the powder to make sure that the sides are all the way covered.

This is what the dots look like once they are covered in powder. Now for the tricky part. We are going to melt the powder, you need to really watch the dots, you only want to melt the POWDER, you will know they are done once theybecome shinny & smooth to the touch.

Here they are embossed. Let them cool before you remove them from the wax paper. The top is no longer sticky but the bottom still is.

Here's a card I made with my dots after they are embossed.
Thanx for stopping by, hope you learnt something today.